We are currently seeking an
Executive Church Administrator


Our Executive Administrator provides leadership for corporate, financial, facility and administrative operations in support of our many church ministries which enable us to fulfill our calling as a community of believers on the Los Angeles Westside.  The Executive Administrator serves as an extension of our pastoral staff and elder board and is the central point of organization, communication, implementation, and day-to-day oversight for:

Financial / Business Operations: 

  • Develop & manage annual operating budget for breadth of church ministries & operations
  • Conduct financial analysis & provide interpretive reports & assessments to church executive leadership
  • Supervise business manager & accounting staff in facilitating financial, payroll, benefits, insurance & other HR functions
  • Provide leadership in staff recruitment & training
  • Research & facilitate legal affairs as needed
  • Facilitate classes in personal financial management & provide financial coaching to church members

Administrative & Ministry Program Operations:

  • Develop & review ministry proposals as required, including budgetary impact
  • Supervise and direct administrative staff in database development & management
  • Supervise and direct administrative staff in office & ministry support functions
  • Provide administrative & ministry program support as required

Technological Ministry Support Operations:

  • Supervise and direct technical staff in managing AV, IT & lighting systems
  • Supervise and direct technical staff in coordinating sound & multimedia team operations
  • Supervise and direct staff in media resource management
  • Ensure website & app relevance & functionality
  • Ensure functionality security & fire protection systems

Facility Management & Operations:

  • Provide oversight for facility scheduling process, facility requests & uses by both church & outside groups
  • Supervise and direct facility staff in room use management, janitorial, maintenance & repair
  • Ensure functionality of HVAC systems via service providers
  • Ensure ongoing pest control via service providers
  • Direct execution of larger repairs by outside service providers, capital improvements & major renovations
  • Oversee parking lot use, including execution of towing as necessary

Event & Hosting / Hospitality Management:

  • Direct planning, preparation, staff, volunteers & logistics to ensure successful execution of weekly gatherings
  • Direct planning, preparation, staff, volunteers, publicity, logistics & registration activities to ensure successful execution of special gatherings & events (such as all-church picnics & baptisms, retreats, community outreach, etc.)
  • Oversee Hosting Team Coordinator & operations
  • Oversee Hospitality Team Coordinator & operations
  • Oversee Wedding Coordinators, policies & procedures concerning hosting weddings
  • Oversee kitchen facilities management
  • Develop & execute as necessary emergency preparedness and security threat response plans

Café Operations:

  • Develop strategic initiatives leveraging the Coffee Connection (a public, onsite, community coffee house) in connecting with, building healthy relationships with and serving the surrounding community in fulfillment of the vision for Coffee Connection
  • Provide oversight of café manager & staff in day-to-day café operations
  • Vet artists & performers seeking café-hosted art exhibitions and performances

Community Relations:

  • Develop ongoing positive relationships with local businesses & community organizations
  • Vet & prioritize requests for facility use by non-Vineyard groups, securing facility use contracts as necessary
  • In concert with Director of the Learning Zone (our on-site tutoring center), develop strategic partnerships with local businesses, community organizations & individuals from within the community such that ongoing Learning Zone ministry fundraising goals are met
  • Conduct facility tours & answer community questions regarding our facilities, facility use & the purposes of the Vineyard
  • Maintain our Social Services Guide and guide staff in response to requests for assistance from homeless and other individuals not part of the church

Corporate Communications:

  • Develop & execute marketing & advertising campaigns for both church and café purposes
  • Design banners, billboards, signs, flyers, media slides & a wide array of other graphic design promotional pieces
  • Write, proof & edit copy for a wide array of publications (both church and café)
  • Coordinate corporate announcement schedule & media channel selection.
  • Ensure timely & relevant resources and information is consistently available through appropriate media channels, including information tables / displays, website, e-mail, print material, bulletins, etc.

Overall Position Requirements & Qualities for an Executive Administrator:

Previous experience in managing many or most of the above operations is required.  Along with the skills and character that may be assumed relates to this role, the following are significant to the success of the person holding this position:

  • An administrative gifting and motivation along with a pastoral heart for people.  This involves both a gifting in administration / management as well as a heart for it; one that sees and embraces the value of administrative needs as a ministry rather than a distraction from ministry – yet is able to lead and manage people with a pastor’s heart.
  • Purposeful connection to the life of the church.  The ability to know & relate to leaders, volunteers, and ministries enough to understand the heart & vision of various activities.  (This connection can grow naturally over time.)
  • Skills in problem solving, decision-making and implementation; structured where structure is required but also ability to be creative within guidelines.
  • Understands the heart attitude of not just being the ‘church’ in a traditional sense, but reaching the lost by pulling down barriers and building bridges between ourselves as followers of Jesus and those around us.  Values cultivating authentic community with other disciples as a means to spiritual maturity.
  • Team player who can express opinion in a constructive way (i.e., not given to extremes of either passive deference or contention).
  • A good sense of stewardship in all its expressions, including maximizing operational efficiency & effectiveness.
  • Ability in distilling comprehensive data & dynamics into the most critical elements for leadership to consider in strategic planning.
  • Ability to empower others in their roles; guide others through wisdom; mediate conflicting priorities such that the needs of all stakeholders are addressed; and gently enforce policies, procedures & leadership decisions as needed.

Hours:  This is a full-time, exempt position.  Because it involves ministry in the life of the church community, one should assume that hours normally given in participation and service to one’s church community will be factored in.  Therefore one should assume up to 55 hour per weekinclusive of such involvement (i.e., Sunday services, weekend activities, etc.).  Some flexibility in hours will be required, including ability to be involved in some evening, weekend & holiday activities for which one can alter their weekday schedule as needed. 

Compensation:  To be discussed

HOW TO RESPOND:  You will not receive any consideration or response unless you follow the instructions below! 

Send PDF or DOC the attachments listed below to WestsideVineyardChurch@gmail.com:

Resume with all background information related to the specific facets of this job description.

Cover letter that combines some personal story, a brief description of your faith and church experience, and connection to / familiarity with the Vineyard with clear indication of: 

  • Experience in the areas of ministry & requirements mentioned in this position description
  • Experience or level of familiarity with the Vineyard movement of churches as this is critical for assessing similarity of ethos / style of Christian life and ministry

Contact information for two or more references who are familiar with your administrative experience in fields relevant to this position description

Confirmation that you have visited westsidevineyard.com and reviewed under “About” the following pages which will be critical to any potential dialogue:

·         Our Purpose

·         Our Priorities

·         Our Mission

·         Our Vision

·         Our Values

·         Our Leadership Structure

·         Our Statement of Faith 

Please do not contact Westside Vineyard offices or staff (including the executive administrator or pastors) about this position.  All initial inquiries must be made through westsidevineyardchurch@gmail.com and incorporate all of the elements required above.


  • We will not be able to provide employment to any non-U.S. citizens unless one already has legal status to work in the U.S. 
  • If the procedure and requirements (as described above in the "How To Respond" section) aren't followed, be aware that we likely won't be able to follow up with you, as the requirements are necessary for an efficient and responsible process.
  • We're hoping to have this person in place no later than July.
  • At this point this is a confidential process.