Session 1

Some Details... and the Song List!

Some Details:

  • The Easter Praise Choir will accompany the Worship Team at all three services on Easter Sunday, April 16, at 8am, 10am, 12noon.
  • The time commitment on Easter will be from 7:00am-12:30pm (though there will be the possibility of arranging missing a service if needed).
  • Snacks/breakfast foods/refreshments will be provided throughout the morning for the choir, worship team, and others who will be serving throughout the morning
  • Music-reading skills are not required
  • There will be only one or two rehearsals (details soon)
  • You'll (in the next few days) be given access to recordings of the songs and your particular parts (for practicing). The way we are going to be practicing is largely individual. You can listen to and be taught the different parts to the different songs with the recordings. 
  • The choral parts and words will be quite straightforward and simple. We're asking that everyone work to memorize parts/words.  No folders/music will be on stage.  Though we'll have lyrics projected for you on a confidence monitor, it might be difficult to read and knowing the songs internally will serve best.
  • If you have any questions don't hesitate to email me. 

The Easter Sunday Song List:

This is Amazing Grace

Because He Lives
Let It Be Known

Here are two ways to listen:

It's good to simply begin learning the general song. These aren't necessarily the keys we'll be using, and your choir parts won't including singing the whole song (only parts), it's still helpful to simply begin listening to the songs to bring familiarity.  They also can obviously serve as a resource in your personal worship this week.  

  1. Here is a Spotify playlist (thanks, Vanassa!) of the songs if you would like to listen on Spotify.  

    Also, here is a document with all the lyrics.

  2. Below are videos with lyrics and audio of each song.


Individual parts and details coming in the next days.  

If you have problems accessing the videos or need the media in another format, let me know.