Gathering Perspective and Wisdom

culture discussion 3

As we look towards various aspects of how we relate to the wider community that we are a part of… we want to seek some initial perspective and wisdom on some ideas. We would like for some thoughtful reflection and honest perspective….therefore… some ideas will be presented…with opportunity to
discuss…after which we would like your thoughts below which will be anonymously collected.

If you imagine a more common Post-Christian generation… reflected more in those under 40… coming to our gatherings …presumably by invitation or prompted by a life need….what do you think would be most helpful in finding enough relatability to further consider the calling at hand? We want to honor the “whole counsel of God” and particularly be faithful in declaring the Gospel...and also understand that our weekend gatherings are not simply a school for academically teaching the Bible. How do you believe we could best serve the desire to engage those without foundational understanding of the Bible in how we teach?
It is a very common and natural question that people are asked ….whether members having mentioned they go to church…or baristas of The Coffee Connection…or when we are serving community. In the past, there were phrases that defined churches within Christian culture, such as “Evangelical” …”charismatic” and such. However, what is most essential today is helping those without any such meaningful reference points. What words or descriptions do you think best communicates who we are to common lives around us?
We recognize that our current culture correlates beer and wine with quality relationship more than intoxication. The massive increase in local breweries has created a new parallel to the coffee house. We also recognize that the Scriptures always involved drinking wine as a part of culture and discouraged drunkenness rather than the place of wine. As such, we see a valid freedom to include beer and wine in the communal life that the Westside Vineyard offers…including even the potential of including in events. Naturally this is significant change to consider. What are your thoughts? Some premises to consider... 1. Jesus drank wine as commonly as his culture… and it had the potential to lead to drunkenness 2. Throughout the history of those most committed to Christ and the Church, the relationship to beer and / or wine has depended largely on the culture. 3. The Bible does not teach that the substance is evil…but focuses on how we use it….and that carries a truth we should be consistent with. 4. How we cultivate moderation may involve thoughtful communal practice more than false separation. 5. The responsibility to not stumble others is vital….but how we honor that regarding alcohol is less defined.