Our Affiliation 

The “Vineyard” Community of Churches

Our affiliation is like our tribe.  Like a tribe, we choose to overcome our excessive independence by belonging to something larger than just our local gathering. We both grow from the wisdom of a wider network and contribute to that wisdom from our own experience. We have freedom to venture but values that keep us rooted. We find such a tribe essential to our health… especially when one of the core values of that tribe… is a love for all Christ’s tribes. John Wimber, as the “father” of the Vineyard movement, was known above all for his call and example to “love the whole church.”

We are proud of our roots as the first Vineyard church which is now part of an ever-growing global movement of Vineyard churches. The global family has now expanded to over 2400 churches in over 90 countries. While we are autonomous in our local church operations, we are bound together by our common values and mutual support. We are committed to worship with passion, serve with devotion, equip people of every age, ethnicity, language, and background to do the works that Jesus did…and to the planting of new churches as “outposts” of God’s Kingdom to a world in need. From the beginning, the Vineyard has sought to hold in tension the biblical doctrines of the Christian faith with an ardent pursuit of the present day work of the Spirit of God.