Living Together? ...but not married

Living Together?   ...but not married

We recognize that more couples are choosing to live together either before marriage or even as a long term alternative to marriage. We also recognize that the reasons vary... With such a diversity of underlying circumstances and reasons, we do not carry any negative assumptions about the hearts and motives involved...Our desire is to speak God’s heart and mind into the unique dynamics involved in your choice. 

Feasting through Fasting

Feasting through Fasting

Fasting as a spiritual discipline provides a powerful means of SPIRITUAL DECLARATION by DEDICATING US TO THE BATTLES OF THE SPIRIT...

...Martin Luther King spoke of “the power of unearned suffering,” and our need to take a stand against evil through civil disobedience.  In a similar way, fasting can be a declaration of our dependency on God against the powers of evil… civil disobedience in the spiritual realm.