Prayer Training

Do you realize that praying for someone in need is one of the most powerful things that you can do for someone?  The Vineyard believes that every follower of Jesus should be equipped to minister in prayer to others.  In the Vineyard Prayer Ministry Training you will learn the Vineyard's "Five Healing Steps" which is a prayer model used all over the world.  Completing this training prepares you not only for personal prayer ministry but also for serving on our after-service prayer team and intensive prayer teams. Prayer Ministry Training is offered over the course of three successive Sunday afternoons.  

Intensive Prayer Training

The Intensive Prayer Team focuses on concentrated prayer over a two to four week period for a specific individual's healing from physical, spiritual, and/or emotional brokenness.

Topics include:

  • Laying a Foundation for Ministry
  • Understanding the Inner Healing Model
  • Healing through Forgiveness
  • Renewing the Mind
  • Healing Shame, Guilt and Depression
  • Ministering Spiritual Cleansing
  • Breaking Curses and Vows

The training is open to everyone.  It is required for those interested in serving on the Intensive Prayer Team.

Intensive Prayer Training is provided over the course of three successive Sunday afternoons at the Westside Vineyard.