This season of Group Life ends November 16. Stay tuned for information on the next season, which begins January 21.


Open Sept 24 - Nov 16

This Fall we are engaging the role of faith in our lives. Faith is that which calls us to step out beyond what is safe and certain…into that space in which we more fully discover the bigger life we are a part of….in which we can encounter God.  This season offers an opportunity to grow through an integration of Sunday focus, daily short readings, and participation in a weekly Daring Faith Group.

Join a Daring Faith eight-week group by simply identifying one that best serves your location and schedule…and purchasing the Daring Faith book with daily readings and group study guide for just $10. While most of our groups are structured as Daring Faith Groups, we also have groups for special focuses. You will find all the Daring Life Groups and other groups listed below. The choice to take the next step to connect and grow is yours. We believe it is one of the most valuable steps you will take.