The larger gatherings of the church provide a unique spiritual we join our voices in worship and hear God’s Word speak to us. However, the relational connection that we need to truly connect and grow, is what small groups are all about.

Life Groups

Connect . Explore . Grow

Life. It is what God gives and we share together. Life Groups are where you will CONNECT with others and GROW in life rooted and flowing from God. Life Groups are not designed to simply be a social group…nor an academic study of the Bible. Life Groups are for those who know that growth requires change... and change involves personal exploration as well as supportive partners. Groups begin with larger group connection and a focus on God’s presence (worship) …and then, generally in smaller sets of 3 or 4, focus on how God is personally speaking to us through the Scriptures and forming His love in us.

While most of our groups are structured as Life Groups, we also have groups for special focuses. You will find all groups listed here. The choice to take the next step to connect and grow is yours. We believe it is one of the most valuable steps you will take.